Most Common Causes of Road Accidents

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In a region like Colorado, where several daily trips are to be made by car, road accidents occur quite frequently. Although the circumstances differ, many collisions are caused by difficult weather and road conditions, cellular use and other driving distractions as well as unsafe driving. These three scourges are responsible for a large number of fatal car accidents that could easily have been avoided. But, do i need a lawyer after a car accident?

It is important for folks to adapt their driving to the weather to avoid a road accident. Any vehicle can be robust, but nothing can shelter it from a plate of black ice that would cause it to run off the road, hit a ditch, or hit another vehicle. Abundant rainfall turns roads into wading pools and increases the risk of hydroplaning. All in all, many people persist in driving above the permissible limits, risking a fatal car accident involving their own vehicle and that of others. Do not press the accelerator so hard: your journey may take a few minutes longer, but at least you will be sure to arrive safely.


People know that using a cell phone while driving is a very dangerous habit and sending text messages carries great risks of fatal car accidents for the driver, passengers and other vehicles on the road. The driver’s eyes are no longer on the road because they are concerned about the text message or the email he or she is trying to read or send. This is why most people ask themselves the question, “do i need a lawyer after a car accident?”

Even if the driver is distracted only for a few seconds, the vehicle has time to travel a considerable distance and, potentially, has the chance to collide with the vehicle in front of them or one that is coming in the opposite direction. Drivers who are distracted by a phone call, those who eat while driving, or even people putting makeup on, can cause a road accident. Now ask yourself again, “do i need a lawyer after a car accident?”